Getting Around San Antonio Sustainably for Plant Based for the Planet

Thanks to The City of San Antonio’s Office of Sustainability for these accessible tips!

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Save time, money and parking woes by choosing planet-friendly transportation for the challenge

Taking the bus, riding a bike and choosing electric transportation is a high-impact strategy that helps reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and safeguards our communities from climate impacts in the future. Double your impact by choosing green transport!

San Antonio’s comprehensive transportation network provides choices to people so they can determine how they move around the City. As an individual, these choices can have impacts on your wallet and your health. Collectively, these choices impact air quality and how much space is dedicated to moving people.

During the Plant Based for the Planet Challenge, we encourage participants to enjoy the City’s transportation resources, like:

The VIA Bus System: For only $2.75/Day, participants can travel between most stops on the challenge! Our suggestion – park at the Ellis Park + Ride downtown for free, grab your bus pass (or download the app) and enjoy the views of San Antonio on your way to plant-based specials.

Biking and E-Biking: Thanks to safe bike-parking and highly-accessible charging stations, you can bring your own OR rent a BCycle Pedal-Assist bike for adventuring between restaurants in many parts of San Antonio.

Take Advantage of Electric Charging Stations: If you’re lucky enough to own or rent an electric vehicle, the City has TONS of charging stations all over. Check out their maps to see where you can park + walk to different challenge locations!

PLUS – click on the Map image to see our interactive Google Map! If you take public transportation during the challenge, POST ABOUT IT, tag us, and we’ll share to our social media!!

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