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Lower Your City's Climate Impact


How it works

Plant Based for the Planet is a city-wide sustainability initiative created and managed by Planted Society.

During each city challenge, we partner with local restaurants who feature new plant-based specials which remain on their menu for the one-month period of the promotion.

At the end of the month, we analyze the climate impact of the plant-based dishes served, showing the community what a difference we can make when we act together. 

We have enacted this initiative in 3 cities so far: Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX and Montclair, NJ. Will your city be next?

Why We Do it

At its core, Plant Based for the Planet strives to illuminate the important role that our food choices play in addressing climate change. By choosing plant-based dishes when dining out, we can significantly reduce our climate impact and contribute to a more sustainable world. With each plant-based meal, we take a step closer to a greener future.

We choose to work only with locally-owned small businesses during our initiatives because we believe each of our city challenges should benefit the people who live there – that includes small business owners, their staff and the community. 

To date, we have added over 325 plant-based dishes to restaurant menus around the U.S. and our combined programs have helped eight cities curb their climate impact in meaningful, lasting ways.

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