What is Plant Based for the Planet?

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and how can you get involved?

At Planted Society, we’re dedicated to empowering communities to take positive action for the planet without feeling like they’re sacrificing. Plant Based for the Planet, our city-based initiative, offers an exciting opportunity for everyone to raise awareness about food’s role in climate change. We want to empower everyone in a community to discover simple ways to reduce their climate impact, so that we can make a big difference together.

Communities everywhere want to preserve and support their local small businesses. Chefs and restaurants play an important role in shaping a community’s identity and their expertise aligns perfectly with the goals of our initiative. Dining out is a significant component of a city’s cultural tapestry, serving as a backdrop for celebrating milestones, sparking culinary creativity at home, and providing an exciting opportunity to explore new flavors—precisely the values our initiative seeks to promote!

During city challenges, we partner with several local organizations, city staff, local businesses and influencers to make sure that everyone in the city is aware of this important initiative. But once you hear about it, what are you supposed to do? Here are the things we need from community members like you:

Try one or more of the featured plant-based specials: Choose from the list of partnered restaurants and try their plant-based specials during the month of an initiative. 

Share the Initiative: Repost our announcements and restaurant specials to your Instagram or Facebook stories OR tag us in your own photos and let your friends and family know about their specials!

Don’t know how to take good food photos? We have an AWESOME blog post from Sprinkles Creative Co-Founder Courtney McCullagh on her best tips for taking great photos with your phone for the challenge!

Finally, Rate and Review! Leave each restaurant you try a rating and review on our open survey during the initiative month so we can let them know what you thought! At the end of the challenge, there will be another city-wide survey to take as well.

And shh! There are prizes for people who complete surveys!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you would like help bringing Plant Based for the Planet to your city. We are happy to assist with planning an initiative. Contact Britty Mann, our Executive Director, at britty@plantedsociety.org

Contact Britty Mann, our Executive Director, at britty@plantedsociety.org